Spring cleaning is almost an annual right of passage. Due to the wet weather, mud, and other debris that inevitably get tracked into our homes during the winter, there is a certain amount of dirt that we are willing to overlook. Once warmer temperatures start to be the norm, most of us feel that urgency to open our windows, air out our houses, and clean everything in sight.

Sometimes spring cleaning takes the mode of getting rid of items that we have allowed to build up in our basements or garages. If you have a vehicle that you really don’t use, then Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County would be glad to have it. Whether it runs or not, we can use your charitable donation to support our community outreach programs in San Jose. Continue reading to learn some spring cleaning tips, and call today to learn more about our car donation programs.

Tip #1 Use lemons for a natural clean

Not only does lemon juice help to remove hard water marks, but it also has powerful antibacterial properties. If you have faucets with hard water stains on them, then be sure to rub the lemon juice on the water stain. You will have wonderfully shiny faucets with a nice citrus scent as a bonus!

Tip #2 Create space in your garage

If you have a vehicle in your garage that you don’t use or use rarely, then consider joining our car donation program. Whether you have a truck that was supposed to be a restoration project for you and your child, or you were hoping to do a few minor repairs and get your car back into working order, we can use your vehicle to help fund our community programs. Call to find out how easy it is to donate your car.

Tip #3 Refresh your curtains

Toss your curtains into your dryer for a quick spin on the air-fluff cycle along with a wet towel. The wet towel will help to draw off any dust that has collected on them, and the air-fluff cycle will prevent shrinkage or other damage. Be sure to hang them up as soon as the short cycle is done.

Tip #4 Brighten up your ceiling fans

Most people prefer not to clean their ceiling fan blades because of the inevitable cloud of dust that rains down on them. If you want clean fans, but not the mess of dust, then try coating each blade with furniture polish first. It will make the dust cling to your cleaning cloth and leave a nice shine.

Tip #5 Cleaner screens 

If you have noticed that your screens seem pretty filthy, then take a scrap of carpet and use it as a powerful brush to remove all of the dirt on your screens. If you don’t have a scrap of carpet somewhere in your basement, then check your local home improvement store to see if they have any cast-offs that you could take.

At Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, we know that you enjoy a clean house as much as you enjoy helping those around you. If you have a vehicle that you need to get rid of, then please call and learn how your car donation can help our charitable programs. Whether your vehicle is running or not, we can use your generous donation to fund our charitable programs in San Jose.