Are you either thinking about or getting ready to make a car donation? By donating your car, you are not only ridding of an unused vehicle that’s taking up space in your garage or driveway, but you are also providing families and individuals in your community with the resources to build a sustainable life for themselves and their loved ones. By donating a vehicle to the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, you are helping to provide food, clothing, and household necessities for families, assistance to displaced refugees and the elderly, as well as assisting individuals in their job hunt as they look for employment.

While the process of actually donating a used car is easy, there are a few things to keep in mind as you finalize everything. One question you may have is about how to transfer a title during a vehicle donation. We’ve listed out some information for you to help you understand the title transfer process before you donate your car. Read along to learn more.

Clear The Title

The first thing you need to do to transfer the title of your car for a donation is to make sure there are no liens placed against the vehicle. A lien is the right to hold onto someone else’s property because a debt is not paid off. Make sure that there are no lienholders involved with your vehicle or pay your loan in full. Otherwise, the DMW will not transfer the title.

Release The Title

To release the title, all listed owners of the vehicle need to provide signatures. Some states require notarized signatures, but California doesn’t. When signing, make sure your signature is exactly how it is listed on the title. In other words, don’t sign with your initials if your full first and last name were initially signed on the title.

Complete The Transferee Section

It is recommended by state officials to list the name of the charity you are donating your car to as the transferee on the certificate of title. This includes adding in the specific charity’s address. You will also need to have an authorized official of the charity sign the certificate of title as well.

As long as there are no liens placed against your vehicle, which requires some time to get sorted out, the process of transferring a title for a car donation is fairly simple and straightforward. After the donor and charity section are completed, then the title and documentation can be submitted to the DMV.

Here at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, we want to ensure that your vehicle donation is easy and simplified for you, so that your generosity can have the biggest possible impact on our community. Simply call us at 1-866-565-5912 to schedule an appointment and fill out this car donation form. We will pick up your vehicle donation for you. That unused vehicle in your garage or driveway has the potential to impact the livelihoods of families and individuals in the Santa Clara community.