Are you contemplating the donation of a car to charity? We have compiled the top reasons why car donation might be right for you. If you are considering car donation in San Jose, we are here to help make the process simple. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about our program, about where to donate a car, or any other question you might have about car donation with Catholic Charities of Santa Clara.

4-reasons-ctaSo when should you consider donating your car? The following are the top reasons car donation could be the best option for you.

1. You Are Paying To Upkeep An Old Car

If you have an older vehicle that is constantly in need of repairs, you can wind up feeling like it is more of a money pit than anything. Perhaps you recently upgraded to a nicer car that runs well and doesn’t cause you so many headaches. Instead of keeping the second, older car around and wasting money on constant repairs and maintenance, donate your car to charity. You can help families in need by getting rid of your old clunker, freeing up space in your garage for better things.

2. You Are Paying To Store A Vehicle

Did you know? We accept more than just cars at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara. If you are storing an old truck, boat, RV, or other vehicle, we can pick it up at the location it is stored and tow it for you. This can be an excellent solution for cutting your costs, as storage costs are often extremely high. Instead of writing a check to a storage facility each month, you can rid yourself of your unused vehicle and receive a tax write off!

3. You Have A Vehicle You Can’t Move

We will take any vehicle off your hands, even if it is not running at the time. Towing costs can be high, but we offer towing services for free when you donate a car to charity in San Jose. All you have to do is schedule a pick up time with us, and your immobile vehicle is off your hands.

4. You Want To Help But Have Limited Time

Perhaps you have been wanting to become more invested in the local community. You believe in helping those around you, but you simply do not have any more time in your busy week to volunteer. Although your life might be too hectic to help out in other ways, you can donate a car with little-to-no investment of time. Your car donation will have a far reaching impact on the local community. We use every donated vehicle to fund our local community programs.

When you are ready to take part in car donation in San Jose, the process is simple! All you need to do is contact our team and let us know about the vehicle you wish to donate. We will take it from there and set up a time to pick up the vehicle or for you to drop it off. Then we will provide you the documents you need to file for a tax write off. The process really is that easy! Contact our team today to donate your car to charity in San Jose.