People are stronger when they work together. It’s just a fact. Think back to when you were in preschool, kindergarten, or even grade school. Learning to work together in teams was a challenge, but the lessons that you were taught in those situations most likely have stuck with you throughout your high school, college, and adult years. Overcoming obstacles, helping the one who is down, and putting your minds together results not only in resolution, but unity.

That’s why we believe it’s essential to give back to our community. Lending a hand to those who are down on their luck makes a tangible difference in not only their lives, but the health of the community. Today we’re going to list out a few reasons why it’s important to give back to your community, as well as provide you with a ways to do it. You don’t have to give large amount of money to make an impact in the lives of those around you.

Why You Should Give Back To Your Community

Make Connections

By going out of your way to reach out to your community members, you’re not only lending a helping hand, but you’re making connections. Putting names to faces of individuals in your city that are in need allows you an opportunity to meet new people, start new friendships, and be a light in someone’s life when they really need it.

Expand Your Perspective

Piggybacking off of the connections point, meeting people who you  may not otherwise come in contact with expands your perspective. Interacting with individuals who are struggling and are in need of some help, whether that be a senior citizen, single mother, or a family, will introduce you to a lifestyle you may never have known was out there. Your perspective of the world, and your community, will expand, as well as your gratitude and empathy.

Help Those In Need

No matter where you live, there are always people who use help. Whether it’s a tangible need or an emotional need, there are people right in your hometown who are struggling and who need help in some way, shape, or form. While it’s always important to be cognizant of those in your community, it’s especially important during the holiday season. This year, don’t hesitate to lend a hand and help those in your community who are in need.

Give Back By Donating A Car

You don’t have to write a large check or quit your day job to volunteer in order to give back. There are many, many ways to invest in your community. If you’re looking for ways to serve this holiday season, take a look at one of our past blogs.

One incredible way that you can impact those around you is by donating a car to charity. Believe it or not, a car donation can go a long way to serve those in need. If you have an unused vehicle that’s been sitting in your garage or on your driveway for a while, consider making it a car donation to the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County. Your car donation helps families access food, clothing, and household items, as well as help individuals find job opportunities and help seniors find care and assistance. This holiday season, a car donation can benefit the lives of many across your community. When you work with the Catholic Charities, you’ll working together to make your community a better place for all. Give us a call today to get started.