Do you currently have a car that you have no need for anymore that’s just taking up space in your driveway or garage? You may be thinking of selling that vehicle to get it off your hands and earn some extra cash, but have you ever considered donating your car to charity? A car donation has the potential to help families and individuals from your community who are in need. There are also personal benefits from car donations, too. Before you advertise your car for sale, think about donating it. Read along to learn why you should donate your car instead of selling it.

Helping Someone In Need

When making a car donation, you are doing so much more than just handing over a useless car. You are providing families and individuals with the necessities they need to live a sustainable life. Your car donation provides people in need with food, clothing, job hunting assistance, care for the elderly and young families as well as gifts for families and children during the holiday seasons. By donating your car to Catholic Charities of Santa Clara, you are joining us in the fight against poverty and giving people the opportunities to live a better life and provide for their families. Consider making a car donation and providing lasting impact in a family’s life.

Tax Benefits

Donating your car to the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara helps us in our fight against poverty by funding local charity programs, and you will also receive tax benefits for doing so. We want to make donating your car an easy and simple process for you. Within 30 days of your vehicle or car donation, we will send you an IRS form 1098-C, Contributions Of Motor Vehicles, Boats and Airplanes. This will document the amount of gross proceeds that were received from your donation, and shows what you will file as a tax write-off. By donating your car for tax credit, you are actively supporting the Santa Clara community. Learn more about tax write offs for car donations here.

Getting Junk Off Of Your Hands

Another huge benefit of donating your car to charity is simply just getting an unused vehicle out of your hands. There is nothing worse that having an old, unusable car sitting in your driveway or garage, aging and collecting dust. You probably always tell yourself that you’ll get to repairing it or selling it one of these days, but your other duties and responsibilities take precedence and you never find the time to tend to the unusable vehicle. If you find yourself in this position, where that old car or vehicle is sitting outside your house like an eyesore, consider donating it to the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara. We will come pick up the car ourselves.

If you are trying to figure out how to dispose of your old vehicle, don’t hesitate to donate it to the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara. Your car donation makes a lasting impact in the Santa Clara community by helping families and individuals in need fight against poverty and build up a life for themselves. Plus, you’ll get tax credit for getting a useless car off of your hands. Join us in our fight against poverty. Reach out today to learn more about our car donation program.